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2. RFU Youth Registration

All players MUST be registered with the RFU within 45 days of starting to play at the club.

This only requires to be done once and the player will then be issued with an RFU id number. This number stays with the player, even if they transfer to another club.

Team managers MUST ensure that all players within their team are registered and have RFU ID cards available for inspection before any match can be played.

The registration process is very easy.

  • The player must provide three passport style photographs rather than 2 as stated on the form.
  • Complete the "RFU Young Player registration form" (downloaded by clicking the previous text in quotes)
  • Return form and photographs to your Team Manager
  • Team Manager then sends form and photographs to the Youth Registrar.
  • Youth Registrar then processes the form, fixes photos to the RFU id cards and laminates them.
  • Youth Registrar supplies RFU id cards to the Team Manager who is responsible for this proof of eligibility to play.

The Team Manager is responsible for keeping the cards for the players within the team and ensuring they are available for inspection when required.